08 March 2018

Dear ladies, OPEN services congratulate You with a spring holiday! We wish you health, happiness, smiles and interesting work!

01 February 2018

New Year year begins with good news! A new version of our website is coming soon. 

01 January 2018

Happiness, health, interesting work, loyal friends and high incomes in 2018! Thank you for being with us!

01 December 2017

What was interesting to read to our subscribers in the fall.

15 September 2017

Dear partners, we moved to a new office.

01 September 2017

For those who is going on vacation - we wish a happy holiday! For those who works with us - let's see what was interesting in the summer.

01 June 2017

How was your spring? Ours' is in self-development.

08 March 2017

Dear ladies, congratulations on the 8th of March! Be happy, bloom and rejoice every day!


Open services team

01 January 2017

Happy New Year! We wish you interesting work, money and promising projects, adequate partners and good health to your families!

15 September 2016

Autumn came and We want to read even more. What we read at the beginning of the school year-share.

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