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Some reasons to contuct us

You no longer need to read yourself into numerous resumes; we will do that for you! 

There are lots of rumors about consulting on the labor market, and they are mostly negative. Many companies still do not know whether we are worth applying to and how effectively IT recruitment agencies work. Some people consider that this is a waste of time and money and others think that agencies just extend the chain of interaction with candidates and charge money for unnecessary mediation. Today we will give our point of view on these issues. 


If your company has no HR as the number of the employees does not allow it or you do not fill more than 2-3 vacancies per year, you do not need to employ him. The salary of a good specialist is 40,000 – 50,000 + payment for the resources (hh, relevant networks, etc.). 


Every person is good at the work that is clearly determined for him. A universal employee is certainly an excellent and rare find but it is better to be able to do one job 100% than to carry out 5 different tasks with less efficiency.

Bear in mind that 30-40% of the time of a HR specialist is maintaining manpower documentation: execution of documents, sick leave certificates, vacations, etc. Our task is to find the best specialist for your particular vacancy. We are able to focus on you without getting distracted by documentation and other work of a personnel specialist.

And we certainly conduct special testing, including checks for reliability and proneness to conflict. 


There are vacancies hard to fill. It takes lots of searches and in absolutely different spheres. Open Services have recently filled the vacancy of a Java developer with good experience of creation of client-server applications (desktop), including graphics (Eclipse RCP, SWT, Java Fx), whom the company was unable to find for a year. There are larger scale requirements: a system analyst with knowledge of PL SQL and simultaneously with good experience of business analysis in telecom. And by sorting the wheat from the chaff and looking for pearls we find a good specialist. This is what we are paid for.


Fast growing companies (these are mostly IT companies now) just have no time to fill all the vacancies by their own forces.

Over the recent year 2 our clients (small companies) have grown by 30 people (50%) and 70 people (33%), respectively, and this is huge work of search for the necessary specialists. A hastily employed specialist that appealed to the employer at the interview may prove to be not qualified or motivated enough to perform the work; he may fall afoul of the team or even appear to be unsafe for the company: a combative person with connections dangerous for business or not honest enough. Checking any applicant is a labor-intensive thing.


The most qualified and valuable candidates do not read advertisements, do not send out resumes and do not look for a job directly. Such people are successful and are in no hurry to change employment. We will be able to arrange matters with them.


Internet is not panacea in search for a necessary specialist: not all resumes are in public domain and not all the specialists you need are in the search process. Apart from all traditional methods we use executive search, headhunting, and network of references. There are a lot of interesting people in our database whom you cannot find in the network.


The main thing is that the process of conclusion of an agreement is much easier than it seems to be.

During our conversation you tell us all your wishes and we specify all the terms, timeframe and cost, and while we do it, we already understand who you are looking for even if you have not figured it out yourself yet.


If we translate the time of the employees and the executive spent on the search and selection as well as the lost profit from an untimely filled vacancy into a money equivalent, the figure will appear to be much higher than the cost of our services. 

And, finally, the most widely spread misapprehension: an IT recruiter is to be a programmer.

No, and here is an example: a good manager is not the person who knows all specific features of work of every subordinate; his is primarily an administrator that can tune and control any process: a design bureau or confectionary production, for example. It should be also recalled that a good IT recruiter is not a programmer. Our specialists are primarily communicators getting an insight into requests, identifying the key points of experience, adjusting the approach in the process of work, if required.

Outsourcing in any field is the force for progress and a conscious need in recruitment.