For Clients

Open Services has extensive experience of selecting executives, qualified specialists as well as line personnel in such branches as:

- production,

- logistics,

- construction,

- extractive industry.

Our experts will help to make a fast and competent assessment of the required employees, to draw the plan of the search for candidates and their selection and to ensure timely solution of the Client’s tasks.

In our work with management positions we use standard tools necessary to fill top manager vacancies: executive search in potential donor-companies, search in the relevant database as well as social networks and references.

When searching for qualified specialists we use general and field-oriented Internet resources, the specialists’ base accumulated since 2010 and conduct negotiations with the candidates

In selecting line personnel we use mass placement of advertisements in open sources as well as active search for candidates and their invitation through the efforts of several consultants / assistants by creating a flow of applicants sufficient for their high-quality selection and employment. In doing this we conduct both individual and group interviews with technical testing.

The consultants of Open Services can both effectively select individual specialists in the industry sphere and promptly staff whole divisions with qualified employees in a turn-key manner.