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Recruintment Process Outsourcing

OPEN Services is one of the few recruitment companies with successful 3-year’s practice of implementing recruitment process outsourcing.

A specific feature of this practice is provision of the client with an allocated consultant on personnel selection working on the territory of the customer company or remotely and involved in solution of the tasks of this company only.

Application of recruitment outsourcing is expedient when:

- the client constantly has u to 4 open vacancies per month with a need for intensive recruitment of personnel;

- the internal HR department does not cope with the large volumes of work or is focused on solution of more important tasks;

- the client desires when engaging the agency not to pay for every filled vacancy separately but to get a comprehensive solution allowing economy of time and budget.

Advantages of recruitment outsourcing:

- involved of the allocated consultant in the life of the client company, excellent understanding of its specific features;

- close interaction of the allocated consultant with direct customers – executives of divisions in the client company, prompt feedback;

- work at positions up to their final filling irrespective of the period of guarantee obligations;

- possibility of monthly evaluation of the quality of work of the allocated consultant and payment for the result.

Example of an implemented project:

Client: Dako Professional Team

A large western company with 20-years’ history specializing in personnel outsourcing in the HoReCa segment and production.

Task: the allocated consultant of Open Services is in the office of Dako Professional Team and is involved in selection of qualified specialists and middle executives (managers of facilities, project managers, accountancy, sales, etc.).

Result: from 4 to 12 vacancies on the average are filled per month; the recruitment tasks are fulfilled in a prompt and high-quality manner; the company’s HR department is focused on solution of administrative tasks and selection of line personnel. The project has been working successfully since 2012.

The cost of the recruitment process outsourcing service includes a monthly fixed part and a variable part calculated based on the factor of overachievement of the vacancy filling target.

For more detailed calculation of the cost, please, contact by calling +7 (812) 635-73-05, e-mail: