For Clients

The issue of fast and effective recruitment of appropriate professionals for a team is extremely important in the context of intensive companies’ growth, entrance to new markets, emergence of new technologies and competition, which is becoming tougher year by year.

Origins of the modern recruitment take place in the post-war USA and in Europe. In Russia first recruitment agencies appeared in the beginning of 1990s. Since then there was a growth of participants’ number on the market, despite withdrawal of dozens of them during crisis periods in 1998 - 1999 and in 2008 – 2009.

The company Open Services is a relatively young player on the recruitment market but the company follows quality standards and ethical principles, which are peculiar for the most famous and successful companies:

  • we devote maximal attention to the Client’s request. During the personal meeting we make a “candidate’s portrait” together with the Client, then we make the labour’s market monitoring, give expert opinion concerning specific features of the vacancy and forecast of its completion time and only after that we negotiate about the cost;
  • we conduct active search of applicants in our own base Friendwork, on the leading websites for recruitment (,, etc.), in professional and social networks (Linked In, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.), on forums or directly through recommendations for candidates and potential “donor-companies”;
  •  we always conduct personal interviews with our candidates and after that we provide explicit summaries with recruiter’s comments to the Client. Besides we make the evaluation of personal traits and professional competence of candidates using psychological tests and special questionnaires made by experts;
  • during the working process we constantly keep feedback with the Client and candidates. When it is necessary we correct searching methods and “support” candidates on every stage of the dialog with the Client;
  • we provide free guarantee replacement in case of our candidate’s dismissal on probation;
  • high quality of our work and our reputation have top priority for us. We don’t aspire to complete the vacancy “at all price” or “sell” inappropriate candidate to the Client;
  • we are absolutely transparent company, which services are fully paid by our employing companies and are free for our candidates;
  • we always give feedback to candidates after interview;
  • we keep the database of candidates (more than 25000 CVs) and occasionally return to candidates, even if they got refusal after the first application to the Client through us;
  • the company Open Services guarantees the privacy of contractual relations with the Client and candidates’ personal data safety and non-disclosure;
  • all people working in our company are really interested in recruitment and are oriented to the result’s achievement;
  • the cost of recruitment service in the company Open Services depends on the whole range of factors and it is discussed during negotiations. It is usually calculated as a definite % from the candidate’s annual income and is subject to VAT (18%). The standard amount of remuneration, which we take into account during negotiations – 17%. The standard probation with 1 free guarantee replacement – 3 months.